Proposed vehicle architecture.

"One small step"

Resonant Orbital's first goal is to build a simple liquid bi-propellant engine which will power a suborbital rocket capable of reaching the Karman line. This rocket will also be used later as a strap-on booster for our orbital smallsat launcher.

The orbital smallsat launcher is a 2-stage vehicle capable of launching 300kg to low earth orbit. Up to eight additional boosters can be added to the center core increasing payload capability up to 800kg to low earth orbit (LEO). This system is designed to be a flexible, fast, and cost-effective option for a more accessible ride to space. A first step...

Lunar Cycler Orbit

"One Giant Leap"

With that development we will set our eyes on affordable access further from Terra Firma. Resonant Orbital will deploy a lunar cycler designed to carry payloads from Earth orbit to the Moon and beyond, without the need for the historically large rockets used. For all mankind.